Instagram Marketing: Using of Instagram Pods

Do Instagram Pods Help?

In the last few years Instagram has been doing an upgrade of their algorithm and this has really affected how Instagram posts reach and consequently the marketing too. With no chronological feed, then you find your brand clamoring for attention in an app where posts with the highest engagement rates always wins. Thus Instagram pods can be immensely tempting!

So what is an Instagram Pod

Its a group set of like-minded small business proprietors that connect together and participate with one another’s posts. The objective of those pods would be to raise engagement rates so that every user can rank better at the Instagram algorithm. The notion is that the more engagement rate the more inclined Instagram will deem the posts as more visibility worthy.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into these Instagram pods operate…

Instagrammers  usually come together and agree to operate as a team to boost their account’s engagement rates. Normally, the pod associates will communicate via Instagram Inboxes (DM) or via  Facebook groups. This is the way pod members allow each other know if they’ve a fresh post.

Whenever a member informs the pod members that they’ve posted , everybody else in the group is expected to visit the post url or link and like and  make a great comment. This signals to Instagram that the post is of  a great quality making it appear more into users feeds. The bigger the team, the greater potential for greater engagement rates.

Kinds of Instagram Engagement Pods
Some common types of engagement pods we saw from the course of our study are:

Niche pods, in which all members are part of a different industry or market
Like pods, at which members socialize by enjoying posts (the popularity of such as pods has fallen off since Instagram eliminated enjoys !)
Opinion Pods — Where members interact by leaving comments rather than liking posts.
Each Instagram pod may work a little differently, depending upon the stage, dimensions and purpose of the engagement group.

By way of instance, many smaller participation pods are handled in Instagram group DMs!

10-15 users will comment when they have put up a new post, and each category chat member will proceed socialize with the article.

Huge groups with members running into the thousands exist on other platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. These groups work with various rules. And, they’re frequently bot- moderated.

Its is noteworthy  that if attracting a targeted audience is your goal, which probably is, then Instagram pods will not be a big help to you. Here are more disadvantages of Instagram group ponds

i) They may end up taking a lot of your time.

If you participate in an Instagram pod, you aren’t just reaping the advantages of free involvement. You also need to participate with different users content.

ii). The engagement you receive from pods is ingenuine.

The objective of an Instagram pod is to boost genuine engagement rates. But this engagement is based on an arrangement that you have created with different users. These users are not necessarily interested in your brand, content, or products. They will not become your customers. Therefore this engagement is also, for the larger part, in genuine.
iii) Shadow ban to your account.

If you want to utilize Instagram to grow your small business, you’ve got to follow the social media system’s rules. As with any activity that aims to get round the platform’s algorithm, joining an Instagram pod can lead to a shadowban. A shadowban essentially renders your Instagram account invisible, restricting your brand from hitting new people on the platform. Instagram utilizes this as a way to filter out accounts that don’t comply with their own terms. Using a shadowban, your current followers can still see your own content. However, it is essentially invisible to other users. In addition, your graphics won’t appear in hashtag hunts, which could significantly impact your hit on the platform.

Finally, can  the engagement pods actually help you out do the Instagram algorithm?

Any way you look at it, Instagram Pods aren’t worth time and effort required to manufacture involvement on Instagram.

Rather than spending heaps of time liking and commenting on random posts in the hope of capturing some participation that ultimately won’t offer you meaningful return, why not try a different strategy? Assessing your Instagram approach muscles by preparing your feed, carefully choosing hashtags, beginning engaging conversations with your followers, along with scheduling Instagram posts once your followers are online!